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Campground Launch at Lake Juliette
Shand Bridge Pier Boat Ramp, Jacksonville,FL
Vann's Tavern Park, Lake Lanier

Over the years, we've collected a listing of our favorite places to windsurf and kite from around Atlanta to places within a reasonable drive. While you can "windsurf" on most bodies of water, the best windsurfing takes place where it's easy to launch, the wind is clear and not subject to obstructions like trees, mountains, etc, and a large enough area so you can enjoy the speed.

If you have a favorite place that we've missed or our information here is inaccurate, please let us know.


I'm in a Hurry. What's the Quick Answer?

Galts Ferry Park

  • Southeast of Atlanta (and you don't feel like driving to Lake Lanier):

Lake Juliette

  • Southwest of Atlanta(and you don't feel like driving to Lake Lanier):

West Point Lake



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