New Wiki

After struggling for a long time on the best way (okay, a good way, anyways) to assemble the accumulated local wisdom, I've installed a wiki at

It uses the same software as Wikipedia, so it looks a lot like Wikipedia.

Pros:Popular format backed by large developer community. Short learning curve. Self assembles and categorizies information with minimal work. Integrates well with Google Maps. Fairly easy to upload media such as photos. Allows community collaboration ie we can all participate in contributing content.

Cons: Not as fine-grained searchable as doing this natively on our main site. For the moment, requires separate log in credentials. Learning curve- a touch more involved than just entering stuff into a box and submitting (though if you just do this, we can work with your content).

I'm starting to add back content from our old site. If you would like to contribute content, let me know.

New Shortcut URL:

Thanks to Christian Thompson for the inspiration:

We have a "short cut" url (web address) which will be easier to type, especially on mobile devices: or (the www part isn't necessary).

Unfortunately, some domain squatter grabbed .com in the last week so you can't use that. We still are, officially.

US Windsurfing Membership Renewed

Somehow this fell by the wayside but the club is again a member of US Windsurfing.

If you care to join (you get a free Windsurfing Mag subscription, too)

WindSense Winter SPEED Challenge

Gene Mathis has proposed a speed challenge open to anyone windsurfing on Lanier. As they say on TV, terms and restrictions may apply, see below for details.

More Details

For a price, I'll share some spots on Lanier that stay flat even when it's blowing.


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