StarBoard "Electric" Freeride Windsup - Perfect Beginner Board + Rig

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StarBoard "Electric" Freeride Windsup - Perfect Beginner Board + Rig

This is the perfect board to learn to windsurf on and is in very nice shape. It is wide with flat deck and a great shape for lightwind riding. But with a bit more wind it will take off and plane. Or if there isn't enough wind when you get to the lake, you can paddle it until the wind picks up. It is 12'2" long and shaped much like displacement type SUP. It comes complete with 5.3 North sail, carbon boom and carbon 400 mast as well as the UJ, extension and two fins. Everything you need to get on the water. The center fin will make sure you get back to the right beach and makes learning a lot easier. Complete set $1099 firm. Paddle not included, but easily available from local shops. Note - Starboard called it the Electric Freeride Windsup, but it is wind powered, not electric in anyway.

Now, you could by the board itself from these guys for a much higher price and then scrounge around all over town looking for the parts to put together the rig (or spend a lot more and buy it online). Send me a PM or email @ randacf at aol dot com.

How does it sail? Here are a few action videos on light wind days:

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