Want to host the Holiday Party?

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We are looking for a place or a host for this year's Holiday Party - and a date. Chez Webguy won't be available this year although we look forward and will host it, Chris Voith willing, in the future.

Requirements: Just a bit of space. The club will throw in a modest amount for paper goods and the rest of the necessities are split among the group - potluck style.

Hosting is fun and not much of a strain. Nobody dances on the furniture, the kids are well behaved and there always seems to be enough food.

If you are interested, post here, or pm or email me.

We just renewed the lease at the Old Tower at PDK... it might be a good place to watch the end of the world :shock: (and exchange gifts).

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Sounds great. Pick a date. Randy has expressed for the '13 edition. Of course, full well knowing that with the end of the world, it is a charitable gesture that he'll never be called upon to fulfill.

The obvious date has gotta be Friday, 12/21/12. Anybody have another idea?

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The Old PDK Tower is an awesome place for the X-mas party and 12/21 sounds like a good date. Thanks for arranging the location!!!


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Chris, it sounds like a great spot!