Sept/Oct WindSense Speed Challenge Final Results

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Top Three Recorded SPEEDS -
34.38 mph - Scott S
33.2 mph - Gene M
32.9 mph - Chris V

Prizes (beer and cash) to be rewarded soon.

Bill A finished 4th with 32.23 mph.

LET THE NOV/DEC CONTEST and trash talking BEGIN.


Gene Mathis
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I think you guys should be tested for doping...

Bill Herderich

Can't speak for the others, but I'm doping for sure... just ask my ex-wife. :shock:

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Are winners required to submit blood samples?

--- The Arrogant Jerk: Crabby and irritable since 1998.

Good .. 4th place. got em where I want em... If you recorded your speed Monday or Tuesday you deserve it ... I loafed on the beach with the geese.

Doping sounds like the plan ... Ordered a dose of MSG from momo ya's just now... Haha. Lol

Gene - put the next contest on my tab.