Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

I'm in. :shock:

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

I'm shooting for noon at Van Pugh

Anybody get out today?
Juliette filled in nice after 1pm.

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

I'm in. Looking kind of 4.0ish at this point.

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

I'm hoping just after lunch. Biggrin

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

I'm in.

We had 6 sailors Sunday at VP. It didnt crank up until middle afternoon but then kept getting stronger and stronger. Sail sizes were 7.5 to 6.0, but when we were packing up at 6:30, probably should have been on 5.0s.

Speed challenge was on, I clocked 30.5 and Bill A had 30.24, so currently rankings are Scott S (unpaid), Chris V, Gene, Bill A (unpaid), all over 30 mph.

NOTE - Contestants need to Pay entry fee (six pack or $5) before seeing if they win.

Ranking subject to change, 3 WINDY days left in the first contest period.

David D, you want to play? Alan S, you in? Anyone else? Everyone should consider entering, it is fun, pushes you to top your max, and even if you dont end up in the top 3, you may end up in the 30 MPH Club. Speeds below 30 MPH will not be published, unless they are one of the top 3 speeds.

DISCLAIMER - WindSense does not recomend sailing in Huricane (SandY) winds and is not liable for any damages or injuries.

Currently in Consigment -

5.3 North EGO, 2009, $225
luff 423, boom 176, mast 400
Must have 400 mast, as Fixed Head.

5.4 North Duke, $125
luff 438, boom 173, mast 430 or 400
Taped but priced right.

North 5.0, $50


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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

We had 4 sailors at Galts, me, Eddie O., Al and Eric. Sail sized were 5.0 to 6.5. I had to rig down from 6.2 to 5.0 to stay on the water. On the 6.2 it was just plain wicked, but it did smooth out once I rigged down. It was crankin, for sure.

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

Still recovering from sailing a 7.5 all session yesterday.

I plan to be there around 1pm. Looks to be a gusty day. The trees in the back yard are bent to the ground while the trees in the front yard are completly still .. then vice versa... Buford. Mall of GA. :mrgreen:

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

Noon. First one at van Pugh. A 4.5 seems too much at first look. Rigging 4.0

Update: 4.0 worked for me. Most were rigging 4.2 to 4.7 but the bigger issue was keeping things on the water headed back to Van Pugh. Swell was pretty big and was running more on the nose coming back.

If you were waiting for someone to post that they were going, you probably missed it as most people got there not longer after I did. Good crowd of maybe 15, not all of whom had stuff small enough or the desire to sail on a pretty challenging day.

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

29 15:53 NW 26 G 36 10.00 Mostly Cloudy and Windy BKN045 51 31 46% NA NA 29.78 1008.2
29 14:53 NW 25 G 36 10.00 Mostly Cloudy and Breezy BKN048 50 30 46% 43 NA 29.79 1008.7
29 13:53 NW 21 G 38 10.00 A Few Clouds and Breezy FEW043 52 30 52 44 43% NA NA 29.81 1009.0
29 12:53 NW 16 G 37 10.00 A Few Clouds FEW042 51 31 46% NA NA 29.83 1009.7

Well, I did have to work, but as that great philospher Harry Callahan once said "a man's got to know his limitations."

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Re: Hyper-Mega Major Monday?

Eric, Eddie, & I sailed Galt's yesterday from about 3:00 to 5:30, on 4.8, 5.4, & 6.5 respectively. The wind & gusts where fairly steady for Galt's on a NW. The water was quite manageable and set up some nice swells in the larger gusts. I still feel beat up today after just two hours sailing. I haven't sailed small stuff since visiting Scott in April in OKC. Anything less than 6.5 reminds me of the scene in the Movie "Airplane"..."it's an entirely different type of sailing, all together"

Bill H.

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