First Speed Contest not over yet!

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The first Speed Challenge Oct and Nov contest is not over yet! Wind is forecast thru the end of the month, and looks like maybe LOTS of wind.

The current top three speeds are -
Scott S - 31.34 mph
Chris V - 30.6 mph
Bill A - 29.77 mph

Everyone, come on out, bring your GPSs and let's set some new records!

Also, we may have to change the rules some. You can't wait until you clock a winning time and then decide to enter the contest. Several contestants (?) still haven't paid the entry fee (6 pack or $5) for this contest period.

SO, everyone, come on out, bring your GPSs AND ENTRY FEEs and let's set some new records!


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Things have really picked up the last few days of the Sept/Oct contest, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Monday, 10/29, we had very hard and gusty winds with gusts in the high 30s, but no records set. Sail sizes were 4.0-4.7. Then Tuesday, 10/30, same wind but not quite as gusty or hard, with gusts to mid 30s. I took the lead with a speed of 33.2 MPH, (4.5 on 86 liter) which held up for about an hour. Then Scott S clocked a 34.38 MPH speed (4.7 on 102 liter.) Scotts speed is just below the fasted speed EVER recorded set by Chris V with 34.5 mph, and is getting very close to the 30 KNOT (34.6mph) mark.

So with one day left, and a decent forecast, the top 3 speeds are as follows:
Scott S -34.38 mph
Gene M - 33.2 mph
Chris V - 30.6 mph.

I do plan on sailing tomorrow, Wed 10/31!


Gene Mathis
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NO WAY! How/where'd you guys get those speeds??

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I guess I can add this to the list of why I'll be very toasty in the afterlife...


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Got an SD Card Reader with the new computer ... Downloaded today's session. .

It showed some cool results.

Fastest 1 second run. 27.58 knots
Fastest 2 second run. 27.53
Best 10 second run. 26.79
Best 500 meter run 23.80
Duration 2:34 hours
Total distance 27.408 KM

These speeds are pretty anemic compared to the ones on the GPS Speed website but it felt awful fast to me....cold too. :shock: :shock:

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Is there an accelerometer that counts your catapaults? I guess it's programmed so that if you are going ---- that counts as speed.

But if you go - ^_ , that counts as a catapault?

btw, for those of us in the dark ages, having a GPS with a memory card sounds neat. Mine just spits out punch(ed) cards.

REM's 'Catapult'

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William, you’re on the hi-tech wagon. I use a string with knots and a weight tied to the end. Maybe I need to the knots closer together. PS: No memory card on my string either.


Feb 3, 2013

Top Speed 30.5 mph
115 liter
30 cm fin
6.0 ezzy

31.8 for me on 5.5