GPS Update

My new GT31 locked up on my last attempt to break world (Lanier) speed record. Scott per your advise I let the battery cycle down and it apprears to have reset 'A-OKAY.'

The chatter on the web indicates that this might be a reoccuring problem especially with units running older firmware (I'm supposed to have the latest firmware).

I have a call into Craig for input and asked him to explain the "Speed Genie" & SD Card when he calls.

I'll post what he says.

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Re: GPS Update

Okay so Craig called regarding the GT31 Lock up issue. Turns out that the current firmware should avoid lock ups.

When you toggle to a screen you can hold the large button down for 5 seconds and it will lock the GPS to the screen you are on... Craig though that the toggle button got depressed while I was sailing and it locked down.

Speed Genie - set to 5 MPH or 5 knots - more to follow.

The SD card feature are too detailed to write about but sound cool ... you can overlay your sessions on Google Earth etc.

Craig also said that 30 knots was smokin and not that common.

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