TS Sandy

Sure would be a good weekend to head to Tybee or Jacksonville.

I'm looking at Tybee. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are all looking strong for ENE to N. Any others interested?

Georgia v Florida Jax Saturday. traffic??

I'm usually good for a quick trip to Tybee but not this weekend... Kids back from UGA. A rare occurance during football season.

Should be a good north beach sail ... Hate to miss out.

BA :evil:

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Well it is not all lost Bill, you should be able to fit in a quick sail on Sunday and not even miss the football. Looks like there will be plenty of wind here.
I am planning to go on Sunday afternoon and may even rig the 6.5! The whole summer I messed about with a 10.5. At least with the fall classic I rigged the 7.5 for the sport class.
Hope to see many of you at VP for the "perfect" storm as the weather forecasters are calling, even though it may be at its best later in the week.


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futbol today but for sure the first of the week.

Still wrapping my head around the storm's name. I keep thinking about this;

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Thanks for getting that stuck in my head too... Bill H.

Bill Herderich

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Galts was rockin today - at least for my 7.5 and formula board and Eddie's 9.5 and formula. Biggrin

The Last Windsurfer Standing

Great day at Galts (overpowered with a 5.2 in gusts!) ...
4 on the water around 4pm.
Fall is here !!! Biggrin

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Eric great pix. I think that was me on the white board in the background.

The Last Windsurfer Standing