Sat Dinner Fall Classic

Y'all missed it if you weren't there.

Chris Voith and all the helpers and volunteers put on a great show and dinner tonight. The "sparkler" show was the hit of the night, with a great soundtrack and an appearance by the Bat Boat. Great food and lots of fun to catch up with people.

Thank you, thank you, Chris, all who helped and all who came a long way to join us.

Good luck in the morning - hoping you have wind.

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Re: Sat Dinner Fall Classic

I have been going to watch this race for at least the last four years. This is the first time they had a bunch of wind.

I wish I could have seen the race but I arrived about 6 pm and all I got was the war stories.

I talked to everyone and everyone said they took first place.

So the question I pose to you is, is it possible to have multiple first place winners?


were they just jibing me?


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Re: Sat Dinner Fall Classic

Two Fleets, Open & Sport each have Light - Heavy weight divisions, plus "Smokin' Hot Babes" division in Sport = 5 trophy groups... kinda like Tee Ball, everybody's a winner :o

And the winners are:
Sport Heavy
1. John Jordan (1st Sport overall)
2. Richard Genet
3. Stephan Els (first ever regatta!)

Sport Light
1. Bob Andrews
2. Steve Campbell
3. William O. Herderich

Sport- Smokin' Hot Babes
1. Linda Downey
2. Julea Williams

Open Light
1. Kurt Shoemaker (1st overall w/ all 1st place finishes)
2. Dave Stanger
3. Kevin Osburn

Open Heavy
1. Chris Voith
2. Dan Olivier
3. Dan Burch