Fri and Sat at Regatta

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Friday, Friday, anyone?

Sat for the regatta is looking good. I may end up in Columbus for soccer though. :cry:

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Planning to go to Galt's Fri around 1 PM. Smile

May your water be smooth and your winds be swift.

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Heading to LLSC this afternoon for practice. Bill H.

Bill Herderich

Webguy.... if the wind comes up I'm hoping to sail Van Pugh. Maybe Sunrise Cove.

The trees are starting to move around a little here in Buford.

Post when and where if you're going to the lake.

BA :?: :shock:

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Don't wait on us. Lots to do today so lake is touch and go. Not for the lack of me wanting to go.

Do post where you are going. I'm up for anything along that side.

Heading to Van Pugh ... Be there around 1:30 or 2.


Update: just finished loading the truck. Wind moving around pretty good in Buford.
Moving from the 30 nots to 30 maybe. :mrgreen:

6.0 at LLSC good direction

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Sailing day of the year at Galt's. Lots of good runs on a beautiful day! Smile

May your water be smooth and your winds be swift.

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wind direction was wrong for VP. Lots of south. Far out wind line. Swirlling wind.

My bet is Chris V. was right on at LLSC.

Old Federal would have been a better choice.