Save the Date - Dec 7th: Holiday Party

The annual Atlanta Boardsailing Club will host the Holiday Party again this year at the Grogan's Bluff Subdivision Clubhouse. Starting at 6:30 PM on Sunday December 7th.

A few things to remember and more details and directions will follow:

  1. A main course dish will be provided (ham, turkey or the like) by the Club, as will soft drinks and beer. So don't eat before hand. There will be plenty of food.
  2. Please bring 1 covered dish with either a dinner or desert item (e.g. salad, cookies, chips, dip, casserole, soup, fruit.) The item need not be complicated and can certainly be picked up at the store on the way to the party.
  3. Family members, kids, relatives, friends, spouses, lovers (but not both at the same time) and your entourage, or groupies are all welcome. As are kiters, landsailors, or anyone interested in wind related sports.
  4. The White Elephant Gift Exchange will be held again, as always. Bring a gift and you can participate. It may be something windsurfing, kiting, sailing, sports related that just didn't work for you, or that stupid necktie you got last year for Christmas that you want to regift or just about anything. Each person in your party may bring one gift.

Downtime this weekend 11/15-16

We may be offline a bit this weekend. Webguy sprung for some more memory for the server and, since he's pretty much useless otherwise, he's asked me to pop it in for him.

Since I lack opposable thumbs, it may take me a few minutes. But, not to worry, I can grasp Vise-Grips and a mallet with my tail. We'll get those buggers in, one way or another.

Fall Classic No. 36 Notice of Race (all the juicy details)

The Notice of Race (NOR) for the Fall Classic (36th edition) is now available here (.pdf format). For those unaware, NOR is the fancy term for the entry form, all the details, times and other particulars.

The Fall Classic is the weekend of Oct. 17-19 (racing Saturday and Sunday). We can't emphasize this enough, it's always a great weekend even if you don't race. Go for the company, food and spectate. The Fall Classic is the longest running continuous windsurfing race in the U.S. Support it, your club and the sport by participating.

If you are interested in racing, typically long boards do best here if that sort of thing matters to you.

If you have any questions, you can post in the comments or email Chris Voith

Fall Classic 2014 Notice of Race

Fall Classic No. 36 October 17-19

The longest running windsurfing race in the nation, the Fall Classic, returns for the 36th edition October 17-19.

More details to come.

Welcome to 2009

While webguy hasn't been pulling his weight and slacked off on the new article production, I, Maurice, your loyal web monkey, have been busy with a number of updates and upgrades behind the scene. In webguy's defense, he's had to focus on some things elsewhere over the last few months but he promises to write more.

First, our apologies for some recent outages. We've been wired up to Comcast Business Class which was pretty solid for a long time but recently has gotten flaky. We hope that settles down. We are sporting some faster drives on the web server so when your modem connects, you should be seeing the page load pretty quickly.

We've done a lot of software updates around here, too. So far nothing has blown up which is always the risk since we have four different content packages working together through the magic of binary duct tape and chewing gum.

The biggest news is that you can now log in to the web site with several different "social media" accounts. You'll have a different account and registering still requires replying to an email but you may find it easier. Or not. Your account on this website will still work, too, if you prefer keeping your old nom de plume. Presently, you can use Facebook, Twitter and Google. If we are missing a major one, let us know.

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