2015 Caribbean Cruise: Windsurfing & Paddleboarding

My wife, Peggy & I just returned from a Caribbean cruise with the cast of the Public Radio show “American Prairie Home Companion” by Garrison Keillor. The focus of the trip was on top-notch musical entertainment and interesting shore stops. We managed to paddle board, ride the surf, snorkel, and windsurf at the ports of call.

Foto Gallery: Caribbean Cruise: Windsurfing & Paddleboarding

Costa Rica 2015

Trey, Voltar (Michel) and I made the trek again this year. Costa Rica was insane. Sun and lots of wind almost every day. On few days the swell was over 6ft tall once you got to the "hole" at the bottom of the lake. Scott Freeman, who owns the Gorge Surf Shop sails there every day in Jan-to early March. Couple times when we passed each other on bottoms of different waves you could not see the other guys mast.

My *head Friends

B. explains the forecast
Our good friend B. explains the forecast and, by implication, why the grass can wait to be mowed another day.

We were going to title this something more entertaining like "My Crack Head Friends" but spending two minutes searching through Google Images of before and after pics of cocaine and meth addiction was profoundly distressing - thus, the simpler title.

One of the absolute joys of windsurfing in Atlanta are our friends. In our younger days, we used to arrive at Van Pugh and be on the water in minutes. Now, we chat, gossip and catch up so much that we sometimes don't notice that the wind has picked up. We aren't saying that our friends make up entirely for driving fifty minutes and finding the wind much less than predicted (they aren't THAT great) but sitting around and talking on a pleasant spring day comes pretty close.

However, some of our friendships have evolved into some less healthy relationships. We didn't notice it at first but several episodes over the last few months highlighted the issue. Some of you may have experienced the same thing.

Why we can't get stuff done during the day

We have one friend, B., who has a pretty flexible schedule during the day. Consequently, B. often can make mid-week sessions that most of us who have more conventional responsibilities must miss. B. isn't exactly starved for sailing time as he spends quite a lot of time in Nags Head and manages to squeeze in windsurfing on his frequent travels. For some, that would be enough but not for B. He loves windsurfing.

A Thousand Words No. 17

There is so much good photography and videography of windsurfing these days. It's fun to look at and it can be very useful in picking up tips on how the better sailors do things.

We came across the blog for IFJU Fins after following a serendipitous series of links from our own home page. IFJU is a title sponsor for the upcoming IFJU Fins / FORMULA US Eastern Championship to be held in Miami on March 20-22. The latest entry in their blog is an article about Loic Legallois, a French windsurfer who will be competing.

The blog has a pic of Loic sailing a Formula board. The picture is quite instructive of three things that apply not only to Formula boards but windsurfers in general. We could talk and wave our hands on the beach but having the picture here may help a lot more.

Loic Legallois
The board and sail might be bigger than anything you have but there's a lot to learn from this picture.


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